Mark-Francis Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky

I know that most of the hits I get to this blog are from people googling the enigma that is Mark-Francis. I also know that the Dissertation which comes up pretty close to the top of the google search is thoroughly unhelpful in uncovering more information about him. So I have done a bit of googling myself. Information is sparse, but here are the bare bones:

Mark Francis is the 22 year old heir to the fortune of his mother, Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli, a millionairess socialite and model from the 1970s. She was ambassador for Yves Saint-Laurent during the late 1970s and 1980s, which helped make the brand more popular for the European jet-set and upper class.

As for Mark-Francis’ father’s name, Orlov-Romanovsky, this can be traced to the Russian Imperial family, although no direct mention can be found of Mark-Francis so this is unconfirmed. We can assume that his father is very much alive as it is under his direction that Mark-Francis’ maid, Gianna, is in Cannes instead of in Chelsea, as seen on the show.

Mark-Francis’ wealth comes from the money inherited by his parents from his grandfather’s tile factory.

The creators of MIC originally wanted MFVOR to be the star of the telly show, but he refused, claiming that it was better that he remained a bit of a mystery, and to outrageously paraphrase, he doesn’t think we all need to know who he has been sleeping with.

For me, this is enough creeping on Mark-Francis. If this has not been enough for you, however, here are some links, and of course I suggest that out of gratitude you follow my blog. I am nice and I am (occasionally) funny.


fabulousmag article

Mark-Francis on facebook

Mark-Francis on twitter





17 thoughts on “Mark-Francis Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky

  1. This is how you will get internet famous. Omg also just checked out your following list on twitter, and because of you are now following many people i would otherwise have been ashamed of following. thank you for removing this shame,

    • I’m pretty techni-illiterate so apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment, thanks for complimenting my blog! I thought I would only ever write for an audience of two (me, and my unwilling flatmate) so I’m chuffed you like it. Mark-Francis is so enigmatic and fascinating, thanks for the esquire link! I loved the Come Dine With Me episode.

    • the man is not a jeweller , he has no clue about jewellery , would not know the difference between a sapphire and tanzanite. PR executive , also not true , he claims to be an oxford graduate , then on his another facebook page he says he is a cambridge graduate , he worked as a sales assistant in an art gallery in bond street , before they asked him to leave , FACT

  2. Yes, MFVOR is gay. He confirmed it on some TV program I saw. Was it Chatty Man with Alan Carr? I don’t remember. Thanks so much for the post. I couldn’t find anything about him. However I know somebody from UCL who studied Art with him. After one year MFVOR left the course and hasn’t returned since.

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